Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Webinar : Introducing Visualforce - Create Any User Interface as a Service

Today I attended the force.com, visual force webinar. The speaker was Adam Gross, VP of Platform Marketing @ Salesforce.com. To give a brief backgroud, Sales force is working on a new On Demand platform called Force.com. This On Demand platform is supposed to address all aspects of application creation and delivery like secure infrastructure, Database as a Service, Integration as a Service, Logic as a Service, User Interface as a Service and Application Exchange as a Service. The On Demand user interface aspect of this platform is called Visual force.

The presentation was pretty nifty. They went through a hello world scenario on how to use the new UI capabilities and create an application on the platform that could break away from the UI looks of traditional Salesforce.com. Overall the technology is pretty good.

Scalability and dependability of the platform needs to be seen when multiple types of applications get hosted on this platform. A few questions I had that Salesforce.com has not answered yet:
  1. How are non-Salesforce.com users going to access these third party applications that providers would like to host on the Force.com platform?
  2. How is this Force.com platform going to be priced? This will be an interesting challenge.
Force.com timelines :
  • Now -> Available for Developers to start creating applications
  • Q1 2008 -> First customer pilot with a select list
  • Some time in 2008 -> General availability

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